Remington College’s highest priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. As such, we are continuing to monitor the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus and will take appropriate action to protect our students, faculty, and staff when information becomes available. More information will be shared on this website as it becomes available.

Update (3/30/久游棋牌)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Remington College will be offering an Economic Hardship Grant of $1,000 to eligible students that enroll on or after 3/26/久游棋牌. For students to be eligible to receive the Economic Hardship Grant, they must start and activate as a student at Remington College in an eligible program and start date. Along with the Economic Hardship Grant, Remington College will also defer out of pocket payment 90 days for these students from their start date. Click here for more information.

Update (5/6/久游棋牌)

In response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have expanded our online, hybrid and blended program offerings for our future and existing students to study from 久游棋牌.

All Remington College classes for all locations have moved online through June 7, 久游棋牌, and students are asked not to return to campus until June 8, 久游棋牌. Essential campus operations are continuing but will be conducted through virtual administrative support (remote work).

Remington College will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updated information as future developments occur.

Updated List of Closed Campus Facilities (As of 5/6/久游棋牌)

  • Baton Rouge (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Cleveland (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Columbia (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Dallas (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Fort Worth (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Lafayette (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Memphis (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Mobile (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Nashville (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • North Houston (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • North Houston Satellite (Webster, TX) (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • Shreveport (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • All Remington College Dental Assisting & Dental Hygiene Clinics (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)
  • All Remington College Cosmetology Salons (Closed until June 8, 久游棋牌)

Additional Resources

For the latest updates as well as information about how to prevent COVID-19, visit the .


With our classes moving to an online format due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is important that our students are aware of strategies that can be implemented to help ease the transition to virtual learning. Please use the resources collected below as guidance on being successful in an online environment.

久游棋牌Managing your time online

The first thing you need to realize is that online courses are not an easier way to learn, but rather a more convenient one. To successfully learn online, you need to dedicate a significant amount of your time, consistently attend the program, be concentrated while studying, and fully commit to your learning process, just as you would do for a regular course.

One of the biggest benefits of online learning is flexibility, but too much freedom can pose new challenges. Find ways to structure and optimize your time for when and where you learn best and keep your learning on track.

Set aside time for learning: This doesn’t mean you need to find four-hour blocks, three days a week. Online learning is designed to be modular and flexible. You may find 15 minutes to watch a short video lecture and write a three-sentence reflection post. But of course, other learning activities will require more time. Be planful and dedicate time to learn as you would to exercise or spending time with friends.

Track deadlines: Add important due dates to a calendar so you don’t miss important deadlines.

Minimize distractions: As much as you can, minimize distractions both in your physical environment and your digital environment. Close web browser windows not relevant to your learning, keep the TV off, etc.

久游棋牌Communicating with your Instructors

Online learning comes with connections to both world-class professors and a global community of passionate classmates. Find ways to connect with these rich learning communities, from participating in forums to networking with peers.

While it may be constructive to look for answers to your online course-related questions independently, hesitating to contact your online instructor when you are stuck may be problematic.

Keep your instructor informed: Ask your instructor for help when you need it—let them know if you are ill, unable to log on, etc.

Virtually meet and interact with your learning peers: You are not alone! Introduce yourself, answer questions posted by the instructor in the discussion forums, and respond to your peers’ posts.

Create a social network group: In addition to forums, create a distinct space, such as a Facebook group or a Whatsapp chat, for you and your classmates to connect, share interests, and support each other.

Create virtual study groups: Keep the line open and find ways to connect with your learning peers in small study groups. Video chat apps are a great way to do this.

Give and expect respect: Especially during asynchronous communication like discussion boards and email, it can be easy to misconstrue someone’s meaning. Like you, your peers are real people. Do your part to foster a respectful, supportive community.

久游棋牌Online Learning Adapting to New Technology

The online learning environment can introduce a steep learning curve for those who are not comfortable with new technology. Fortunately, we have plenty of resources available so that all of your questions and concerns can be addressed in a timely manner.

Remington College uses one of the most popular Learning Management Systems in the world to conduct their online courses. The Canvas system is a user-friendly, supportive environment that allows those who are new to online learning to quickly adapt to their surroundings.

Ask for help: Whether it is your instructor or the support resources inside of the Canvas system, use the support resources we have provided when you run into obstacles.

Minimize distractions: As much as you can, minimize distractions both in your physical environment and your digital environment. Close web browser windows not relevant to your learning, keep the TV off, etc.

Always save your work: Save your work locally on your computer and/or in the cloud where you can easily access it. For example, draft essays in a word processing application or in an email to yourself then cut and paste your work into the course LMS (learning management system) to turn in your assignment.

Gather your tech: If the course requires video conferencing software, download the app and test well before a live lecture begins. If assignments are uploaded to a cloud service (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox), make sure you have the required account details or access information in advance of a deadline.

久游棋牌Online Learning and Self-Care

Self-care is important to your successful learning experience. A healthy mind (and body) is a mind ready for learning. Keep a growth mindset as you adapt to new circumstances. Your success has as much to do with your effort as it has to do with your ability.

Stay healthy by getting adequate rest, nutrition and exercise. Take proactive steps to take care of yourself. Keep a growth mindset as you adapt to new circumstances. Your success has as much to do with your effort as it has to do with your ability.

Advocate for your learning needs: Ask for flexible ways of participating in the class that work for you. This is important for learners who require specific accommodations, such as a note taker or extended test time, but is also important for all learners.

Schedule breaks: Get up and walk around, go outside, schedule your distractions, don’t forget to move. Plenty of apps exist to keep you on task and turn off distractions, as well as remind you to get up and take breaks.

Maintain healthy habits: Your brain, like your body, needs rest and exercise. Get sleep, stay hydrated, go outside, eat well.

久游棋牌Online Learning Motivation

Online learning requires motivation to complete tasks, stay engaged, and make progress. When you’re not surrounded by classmates and instructors in a physical setting, it may be tempting to procrastinate.

Some online learners may start out fully engaged and then discover that their motivation wanes. When this happens, they may fall behind. Lack of motivation is a common challenge for all types of students. Be aware that this may be an issue and know how to overcome it.

Show up: The more involved you are with your education, the more it's top of mind. Log in daily to see course updates and class discussions. Connect with other students and share questions or perspectives. Communicate with faculty. If you need help, ask for it.

Schedule study time: You should make school a part of your schedule so you already have the time blocked off to check in. Remember to focus on one task at a time and use your time management techniques to make your study sessions more effective.

Practice positive self-talk: Talking to yourself in affirming ways can help you stay focused on your goal and improve your confidence. Ultimately, you are the only person who determines your success. When you tell yourself positive statements regarding school, you'll start to ingrain those beliefs and reap the benefits.


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